Padmabhushan Late. Dr. Jacob Cherian and late Dr. Mary Cherian had a dream-to reach out to the poor & neglected, to share God’s blessings and to be a shining light in the midst of darkness, and they dedicated their lives to this dream. As early as 1955 they co-founded the C.F Hospital Oddanchatram along with Dr. A.K. Tharian . Two of the major health problems at that time were TB & Leprosy. Dr. Cherian took the initiative by building a 25 bedded hospital in Ambilikkai in 1966 for TB & Leprosy patients. Along with this a Rehabilitation School was started to transform the Leprosy patients from social outcasts to socio-economically productive people. Over the years various departments were added on. At present the hospital has grown into a secondary level medical care facility with 175 beds in Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, ENT, Dermatology, Oncology, Urology and Dentistry. A well equipped Laboratory, Medical Records, Radiology, Pharmacy and Physiotherapy are the other paramedical services offered.

      The dream did not stop with providing mere medical care. He longed to uplift the community and their standard of living. The result was Santhinekathan Higher Secondary School, Christian Matriculation Higher Secondary School, School & College of Nursing, and Training School for Community Health, Christian Institute of Technical Education, Christian I.T.I. and Rev. Jacob Memorial Arts and Science College and Christian Engineering and Technology .

      Various developmental projects are undertaken to improve the Socio-economic status of the community. Agriculture, Dairy farming, Bio-gas plant, Rain water Harvesting programme, are some of the ventures. Mini Health centres are established in different villages of Oddancharam Taluk in the Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu.


Dr. Sam Abraham is the Director and Dr. Esmy P.O is the Medical Superintendent of the Christian hospital, which has been serving the community in and around Ambilikkai

Department of Medicine:

      This department is headed by Dr. Sam Abraham and Dr. Deepa Susan Thomas. They run the specialized Diabetic and Respiratory clinics. The integrated Diabetic Clinic, set up in 2003 runs once a week and provides high quality care to diabetics in and round the village. The team, headed by the Physician includes the dietician, diabetic nurse educators, foot wear technician and doctors. The cardiology clinic is conducted by cardiologist, Dr. Kesavan, who comes once in a month. Patients who are in and around this rural area are highly benefitted.

Christian Leprosy Hospital:

     This This was the first activity undertaken in Ambilikkai. The Project has reduced the Leprosy incidence in the area through POID camps. For integrating the patients back in to the society. CBR progremmes was initiated which include that goat loan scheme, micro-credit loan scheme, PAL children’s educational loan scheme, and self-help groups.

TB Centre:

      The Christian Fellowship TB centre-started in 1968 was one of the early ventures of the institution. Over the years it has treated thousand of patients, curing them from this once dreaded disease. It is also recongnised as a DOTS centre, providing free anti TB treatment to the local community.

Diabetic Clinic:

      An integrated Diabetic Clinic set up in 2003 and runs once a week, provide high quality care to diabetics in and round the village. The team, headed by the Physician includes the dietician, diabetic nurse educators, foot wear technician and doctors.

Department of Urology

      Headed by Dr. Oby. J. Cherian the department is a well established one. It has become a referral centre for patients from neighboring district. Cystocopies, TURPs, genito-urinary reconstruction surgeries, stone removal, nephrectomy, emergency PCNLs are some of the commonly performed surgeries.

Department of Pediatrics

      Dr (Mrs) Mary Cherian heads this department. Regular OP services are provided every day.

      We have a well equipped nursery with a phototherapy unit, incubator and warmer providing efficient secondary level care to sick babies

Department of Dermatology

      Dr. Shiela Cherian efficiently runs this department offering relief from a wide variety of distressing skin ailments. Her skill as a dermatologist is evident not only by the large number of patients attending the OP, but also by the international papers published by her while working here.

Department of Ophthalmology

     Dr. Shila Thomas, Ophthalmologist is in charge of the Department . Her loving and highly skilled care ensure that many patients flock to her Department.

Department of Radiotherapy & Oncology:

      The Christian Cancer centre established as early as1976 has brought life and hope into the hearts of thousand s of cancer patients. One among the few rural cancer centres of our country, the only one in Dindigul, district it caters to the cancer patients from the village as well as to the ones from the neighbouring urban area. This cancer centre was inaugurated by the famous Dr. Ida B scudder who also helped in the growth of the centre in the initial phase. Currently headed by Dr. Esmy P.O it has grown into a referral centre for cancer treatment. The centre is known for its quality patient care. As majority of our patients are below the poverty line, treatment is given on affordable rates.

      The Radiotherapy team includes a full time Physicist, Mrs. Renuga Devi, Chief Radiotherapy Technician Mr. Dhanaraj and Mrs. Packiaselvi, Assistant Technician . In addition to Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy is also provided for the patients who require it. As for the surgical treatment of cancer, apart from our surgeons, a visiting surgical oncologist extends his valuable service once in a week .Surgical procedures are done by oncologic surgeon Dr. Saravanan. His expertise has helped in salvaging many a complicated case. Palliative care for terminal cancers is another concern of the department and is well taken care of.

Cancer screening Project

      The hospital conducts community based cervical cancer screening project in collaboration with the WHO & IARC This project lays stress on prevention of cervical cancers among women of 30-59 years of age, in Dindigul district. The project headed by the Principal Investigator, Project Manager and four nurses who had special training in screening, covered 54 villages panchayats with the help of community health workers, and supervisors.

Department of Dentistry:

      This department is headed by Dr. Preethi B.D.S, which is great help to the rural community.

Department of Surgery:

      This department is headed by a senior surgeon, Dr. John Anand. Every Wednesday and Thursday elective surgeries are performed.

Department of Community Health:

      Community health work is paid much attention as it is this part of medicine that reaches the rural people most effectively. Community Health Workers (trained for 2 years) and village health workers are the key person in providing community health. Remote and backward villagers are reached through 14 mini health centres. One or two community health workers are incharge for the centre with village health workers helping them. They are trained to recognize serious illness and refer them urgently to the main hospital or expert centres.

      Health education, Immunization, Antenatal care Chlorination of wells, Sanitation and treatment of minor ailments are some of the activities of the mini health centre. Through the community health work project the Infant mortality rate has been reduced from 78% to 32.5 % Immunization coverage of 95 % has been achieved. Family planning coverage has increased from 25 % to 50 % over the last 26 years.

Chief Ministers Health Insurance Scheme:

      The hospital is empanelled under the CMHIS of the Tamil Nadu state Government and many patients receives free treatment on cashless basis.


College of Nursing

      Due to the desperate need for multipurpose health workers in rural areas, the school of nursing for the ANM/MPHW course was set up 1978. Girls from the local community and the nearby districts are trained through this course. Majority of them go back to their own community and offer help in managing simple preventable diseases. They also educate the villagers on various aspects of the health and hygiene.

      The College of nursing was established in 1987 under the Madurai Kamaraj University. Since 1988, the BSc Nursing Course is affiliated to the Dr. MGR Medical University. The College of Nursing with Sister. Salome Kandasamy and its first Principal has become a renowned institution over the years. Presently with Prof.Mrs. Grace Kingston as the Principal, the college continues to impart high quality education to the students. Nurses from this college are known especially for their clinical skills and compassion. Many of them find good job placements in reputed hospitals in India and aboard. The two hostels in the campus with caring wardens provide them a home away from home.

Christian Training Institute:

      Established in 1979, Christian Training Institute provides Job oriented education to the youngsters who belong to the poor and marginalized sections of the society. Presently The Institute is affiliated to Bharath Sevak Samaj a National Development Agency promoted by the Government of India.